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PVC heat shrinkable capsules, polylaminated capsules,champagne capsules

Production at the enterprise is certified according to international standards ISO 9001.
The enterprise works with the world’s leading equipment makers: Emmendinger Maschinenbau (Germany), COMEXI Group (Spain), Lombardi (Italy). 

Noble appearance of Your product will be strengthened by our polylaminated capsule (Al 20µ /PE 60µ /Al 20µ). It is a high-capping method. Polylaminated capsule is compacted on the bottle like champagne capsule. This type of bottle stylization is exclusive and used in the bottling of expensive cognac, wines, vodka and other alcoholic beverages.The complexity of manufacturing and capping reduce the risk of counterfeit products. In accordance with customer needs, company Firstline develops different ways of capsule style. In fact, showy and functional bottle decoration increase sales, waranting manufacturing costs.
Heat shrinkable capsule is an integral part of the brand, as well as a bottle and label. Modern researches show us that the color of the cap and its intensity have an impact on the product choices of buyers. Usage of special paints and technologies give chance to receive deep and live color of the cap. Manufacturer achieves exact color reproduction due to material painting directly in the enterprise.Heat shrinkable capsule is a proof of product quality and gives protection to the bottles from unauthorized opening and damages.
Champagne capsule improves bottle design, emphasizes the quality of the product and gives accent to noble origin of wine. Modern manufacturing process and a wide color palette give opportunities to manufacture high quality exclusive capsules.Printing method of small design details are rotogravure and flexographyEmbossing and hot stamping with pinpoint accuracy of image registration can be used for separate elements of capsule.


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