Villa Le Prata

Vino tranquillo
Brunello di Montalcino
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75 cl
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Villa Le Prata was founded in the 1860 by the count De’ Vecchi as a small hunting reserve for family and friends. After few decades it became the countryhouse of the Bishop. In 1980 doctor Losappio bought Villa Le Prata from the nephew of the Montalcino Bishop’s. Villa Le Prata is on the road from Montacino to Tavernelle, about 3 km's north of the world famous Soldera, at an altitude of about 500-520 meters above sea level. In 1989 the conduction of the estate passed under Benedetta Losappio, first daughter of the doctor, and the first hectare of Sangiovese was planted near the house. In 1997 two hectares more were planted in the area of Castelnuovo dell’Abate and Castello della Velona (southern part of Montalcino appellation), a wonderful medieval hamlet facing south towards the Amiata mount. These three vineyards are the perfect mix between the bright acidity and minerality of Le Prata vineyard and the velvety texture that only Castelnuovo terroir 
is capable to give.
As often happens with family business here everything is about passion and heritage. Each person of the family contributes to the production of the superb wines with passion and devotion.
The Rosso its delicious in its aromas of wild red berries and petals, and the Brunello is extremely elegant, savoury, deep with silky texture and long finish

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