Colli Maceratesi Rosso ONORIO

Vino tranquillo
Sangiovese, Cabernet, Merlot, Petit verdot

This red wine takes its name from the Roman Emperor who was the adversary of Alarico, King of the Visigoths. Its deep red color is reminiscent of the distinctive purple hue symbolic of Roman power. The wine is robust with a noble temperament and a slight flavor of aged wood. It is warm and well-structured, and makes an excellent accompaniment to rare red meat or strong cheeses.
Color: Brilliant ruby red with purple hues
Bouquet: Zesty, with hints of forest fruits, pepper and vanilla
Taste: A tangy, fruit-forward character with a lean flavor, pleasantly peppery, slight tannins, fine aromatic finish.
Alcoholic strength: 13%

Az. Agricola Filippo Maraviglia