Terra di Casteani

Vino tranquillo
Sangiovese, Merlot
Bottle size: 
75 cl
Alcohol quantity: 

The “Premier Wine” of our estate.
It is the result of a patient and careful manual 
selection of Sangiovese (70%) and Merlot (30%) 
coming from our better “cru”.
Vintage 2008, will be remembered as one of the 
most rainy year with rains expecially at the end of 
october allowing the re-creation of water reserve 
in the field. The good weather, up to harvest, 
allowed the grapes to ripen  slightly in advance, 
yielding grapes with a remarkable aromatic 
complexity and concentration. The grapes were 
hand-picked and put into 15kg cases. 
Harvesting was completed middle of September  
for the Merlot and for the end of September for 
the Sangiovese .
The cellar, located at the base of the vineyard,  
allowed us to limit  the grapes’ time in the cases.
Vinification took place in stainless steel 
termoconditioned tanks with 16 days of  
fermentation and maceration on the skins. 
Pumping over, punching down and delastage 
were performed in that period to ensure better 
extraction of noble component of skins and pulp.
After racking and first lees removal, the wine was 
transferred to fine grain, medium-toasted oak 
french barriques of first and second passage for 
malolactic fermentation and 14 months of ageing.
The finished wine links the remarkable tannic 
Sangiovese structure with the fruity Merlot 
This vintage presents a bright red ruby colour, on 
the nose it presents soft fragrance with hints of  
red fruits, spices, balsamic scents, in the mouth it 
has a tannic structure of high performance.

Tenuta Casteani

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